The Chiron Group, Inc (TCG) is a full-service web design and strategy firm.
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While we're not looking to enter the ISP or traditional ASP market, strictly speaking, TCG does however provide generous capacity for SMB and large-scale coding and web site "code housing" and custom hosting in house.

Oftentimes our clients have an existing domain name, web presence, established URL, and some level of search engine directing to that domain.

However, the hosted model TCG provides is compelling for any piece of our client web sites that demand dynamic content - TCG hosts nearly all our applications due to the draw of secure PHP code, robust mySQL database stuctures, high-bandwidth Apache servers, secure and updated firewalls, and etc.

Critical real-time applications and data can be made for local hosting, but we'll be glad to plunk your site on our leading-edge servers.

To clarify, the Chiron Group seldom acts as a full host for our clients, although a small number of SMB companies have chosen to use this service.

Typically, our clients maintain their current web site, and TCG hosts the "back end" applications software and data mining, backup, and retrieval. While this is the norm, it is certainly not a rule.

The future of the Internet, of the entire Web, lies in the delivery and hosting of custom applications deliverable via the web.

For five years and counting, TCG has provided custom applications that not only service client functionality requirements, but go beyond expectations in terms of SEO/SEM and web positioning.

If you would like a free assessment or evaluation of your current workflow, whether it is on-line or just an inefficient paper trail, the Chiron Group is standing by to assist. Free (or paid) user classified ads, bulletin boards, business vertical experience, article and image posting, real-time leads tracking - the list goes on.

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