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Web site design has never been easier, at least on the surface. Any number of templates, editors, WYSIWYG programs, paid design layouts, and "build it online" products compete for the attentions of SMBs, start-ups, and even established businesses from Mom-n-Pop shops to eBay or Yahoo outlets, Fortune 500 partners to distributor and VARs for OEM enterprises.

With web designs and templates for free or programs for under a hundred bucks, why would you go with a specialized web design firm? One answer. Web design is not just about aesthetics. If looks were what increased traffic, grabbed more clients, increased sales, and provided revenue gains, we'd all be using streaming video, MacroMedia Flash sites, and dancing animated GIFs.

The fact is, an effective web site design places function before form, thinks like a "bot" or "spider" does, and analyzes human computer interaction to provide a user interface (UI) with a nod to human factors (HF) at the end. The Chiron Group works from the bottom-up, and our client prospects quickly learn we're initially very interested about the target audiences, market space or vertical, product placement, brand awareness, competitive analysis, copy density, results ranking goals, phrase manipulation, and the corporate vision.

The Chiron Group has won numerous industry awards for design, so we don't worry too much about the "skin" or "wrapper" or "overlay" - whatever you want to call the face of your site. Fact is, once you have carefully considered your goals for your web presence, the design is not only secondary, it practically builds itself. Sure, colors and logos and lines are important, but when it comes right down to it, the fancier your site looks, the more likely it is to violate a basic tenet of web design.

If that sounds odd, it's probably because you've seen a thousand examples of poor design in your net life. Some of the worst sites, from the perspective of search engine optimization and user accessibility, are some of the largest web sites in the world. But if there's one drum the entire industry is slowly hearing, it is the beat of simplicity. If you have ten links that can be one, use one. If you require five minutes for a dial-up user to access your site, or if you require any user to click three or four times to find what they're looking for, it's game over.

Simplicity, it should be said, only applies to the interface. Complexity under the skin, that's where good things happen for your company, and that's why The Chiron Group exists. We'll help you identify your company in terms of web site design, starting from the important fundamentals and working up towards the GUI down the road. Our master designers are surfers and clients, too - they know the pitfalls, the tips, the tricks, and they'll help you navigate from an idea on your napkin to a world-class site.

You can buy a template for less, or let a product like FrontPage or DreamWeaver give you a web site mask. But under that mask, your site will ring hollow, and you'll never be able to achieve the goals we imagine you have in mind for your company's future on the web.

If you want to learn more, just request a free, no obligation consultation.

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