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The Chiron Group employs only the most experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals available. Our clients tend to want one thing - more hits, more traffic, and more sales. The best and least expensive way to get more traffic and better, targeted leads, is to simply build a fantastic web presence.

If you feel that a purchased template, a site that relies on Flash and visual animations, or a dozens layers of dynamic HTML navigation are what makes for a search-friendly site, you may care to read on. The fact is, the best SEO is marked by simplicity of design. Simplicity at the code level, that is - your site can still sparkle with stimulating graphics and vector images and be effective.

But effective generally means more traffic. While more traffic can be obtained in a wide variety of ways, the best web site is one that knows what the spiders and "bots" of the search engines are looking for, and fulfills those search engine needs.

META data is a critical component of web design, and most of our customers have never heard of it. Simply put, META tags are "invisible" indicators to search engines indices that you have a Title, Description, and Keywords amounting to the following...

If you have no META data, you have a problem. Of course, SEO doesn't stop with META tags - every static image should have an alternate tag (ALT tag) that briefly describes the photo or graphic being displayed. Search engines can't tell what a given picture represents, so you need to tell them - and by using ALT text to tell them, you boost rankings in search results.

Of course, if you have great META data and good use of ALT tags, you still need to have rich textual content that - obviously - describes your services, products, and value-add to the prospects and existing customers. The devil is in the details, as usual.

If you look at a paragraph of text you either have "live" or are considering posting to your site, it is a wise idea to look for "keyword density" - that is, to see if you hit the sort of keywords a customer is likely to enter into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves, AOL, etc - because if your content spends time skirting keywords or using unfamiliar terms, you lose.

Why do we divulge our secrets? Well, to be honest, there are a couple of reasons. First, keywords are tricky. TCG uses dozens of resources, many of them expensive subscription content, to help us identify precisely those keywords and phrases that will best leverage your business interests on the net.

Second, META tags don't write themselves, and it takes a professional to create, tweak, and modify those META tags over time to guarantee consistent growth and rankings and results boosts.

Moreover, not everyone can write great marketing copy, and even then, marketing and Web Marketing are quite different. Sure, you want to focus on your products and spin and shape them to be sexy and alluring for your consumers. But a brochure is usually a poor example of web "packing" in terms of keywords and content.

If you can walk away from our site and build your own global web presence, give yourself a hand - remember to include some RSS feeds, web logs (blogs), forum posts, and you've got the bases covered. Or shoot The Chiron Group an e-mail - that's what we're here for.

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