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The Chiron Group offers completely custom web design, search engine optimization ad marketing strategies, and client-tailored maintenance and code.

However, over the years certain "one-off" applications are either asked for more than once, seem to fill a market niche, or are otherwise deemed worth mentioning to clients and prospects as available, affordable plug-in modules and solutions systems.

Virtual Newspaper verion 3.1 offers an extremely affordable, web-based ASP model newspaper engine. Originally built to satisfy the needs of online newspapers, or print periodicals with a desire to "get online" with their news, TCGNews as a product has evolved into a rugged, stable code platform that satisfies the needs of anyone who wants a product "beyond a blog" without breaking budget.

Features include cut-n-paste article posting, robust subscriber management tools, advertising controls, photo and image uploading, auto-archiving with both edition/date and keyword search capabilities, one-click HTML email in multi-part MIME to all subscribers (for daily news distribution), and assorted extras such as paid classifieds ads, dynamic section controls, and simple article-editing.

TCG Mortgage Control is an ever-growing code foundation fashioned as a closed-loop financial leads system. Beginning with realtors and an emerging MLS site, TCG Mortgage Control serves as an integration and handshake platform through loan officers, credit checks, investor and lender programs and rates, underwriting, title and origination, document preparation, and closing.

Which is a polite way to say it is a world first, enabling franchises and partnerships to flourish in a way no other lending system currently allows. The code base is PHP and mySQL, with XML interfaces and a reliance on doses of interface controls to pass data in and out of legacy and existing realtor-mortgagor system tools.

Adhive Classifieds, now in its fifth year of release, offers a standalone classifieds ad-management system that is based upon a "hub and spokes" principle. In short, the Adhive product allows any client, business, company, or web site the ability to tap a simple, effective classifieds system as though it were a part of their domain.

As a boost to traffic, hits, and impressions for all clients using the Adhive network, TCG has implemented a global hub to create a centralized point of search capacity for consumers. The greater site combines offerings from all client "spokes" into a single repository of advertisements, broken into categories or accessible in freeform search results.

Other Products include "out of the box" mini-applications that are available plug-ins for our clients to choose among when determining their web site design and functional specs.

For example, The Chiron Group offers integrated bulletin boards, search capabilities, customizable intranet applets, intranet and extranet customer portals, article-embedding in dynamic database-driven web site contents, proprietary and automated mass mailing modules, various levels of data transferring, and full-blown e-commerce and other commercial cart or session-based purchasing options.

Blurring the line between products and services, TCG also offers integration and consultation on emerging technologies such as blogs (web logs), RSS feeds, shared or distributed load balancing and processing reserves, data warehousing, disaster recovery, and so on.

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