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The Chiron Group provides all of our customers with a broad range of "web lifecycle management" services, from leading-edge SEO and SEM services to keyword analysis, post-design recommendations, and ongoing code modifications.

ReelTimeDVD - Digitize & Preserve Old Photos & Videos as DVD Home Movies

ReelTimeDVD had a growing and successful offline consumer and B2B presence. In 2009, the founders saw the opportunity to reach more clients online.

Strong ROI was planned by combining a redesigned web site, advanced online video customization tools, and a strong online marketing campaign utilizing social media, blogging, link-building, mososo reach, and press release and article distribution services.

With a re-launch date of April 2009, TCG has assisted ReelTimeDVD with online marketing message, content creation, domain name selection, blog installation, and a broad but intuitive product suite.

Post-launch, ReelTimeDVD focus will be to generate awareness among its target market of digital preservation end-consumers, commercial B2B tools and products (e.g. professional photographers, wedding planners, business video advertising and marketing departments), and anyone who wishes to create custom video from analog negatives, slides, photographs, old video tapes, and more.

ReelTimeDVD - Before ReelTimeDVD - After

Simply Boulder Foods - Gluten Free Culinary Sauces

Seth was struggling to find a design and development firm that matched his self-demanded quality and work ethic. Thanks to an introduction from a mutual friend, he found a match in TCG. was not a web site, really. It was a single JPG image, or a set of them, that were little more than exported Adobe comps. His site was "invisible" on the search engines, he had no ecommerce, no store locator, no blog, and not much time.

With the holidays coming, Simply Boulder Foods, which deals in gourmet culinary sauces, needed gift sets and classy bottles named with tempting titles like "Coconut Peanut" visible online, and moreover, able to be purchased online.

He also needed a real web site, real SEO, real SEM, a database-driven PHP/mySQL locator for his retail presence, and two SSL certificates to handle secure transactions. In three weeks.

And he got it. For our part, The Chiron Group got paid, a sense of "we won" as a client-provider team in the face of an extreme challenge, and more than a few bottles of fine culinary sauces. Can't beat that!

SimplyBoulder - Before SimplyBoulder - After

TourBlazers and Hermes International Tour & Travel

Eric has been providing innovative, niche travel and tour operations for nearly 30 years. What he has not been is a web designer. Luckily, Eric recognized the shortcomings of FrontPage web site design, and contacted TCG.

By the end of the initial call, "can it be the same but better?" had grown into "this can be a dominating force online!" — a dream made a reality as sites were created, networked, and grown from Word documents into professional, compelling site designs that helped grow staff from one to many inside of 90 days.

At the core of the growth was a ring of complementary, focused web sites offering clear navigation and a solid call to action. Custom logo work, corporate identity materials, presentations, business cards, marketing copy, brochures, web sites, rich email newsletters and templates, online and offline sales and marketing campaigns, scripts and sample branded proposals... TourBlazers got the whole enchilada.

FrontPage? Goodbye!

TourBlazers - Before TourBlazers - After

Wealth Resources Group

Neal Frankle was introduced to the Chiron Group through a former client of TCG and family friend of Neal's — it took one phone call to determine that a fresh web design was needed: WRG had a dated DreamWeaver template and design, sloppy code and minimal in-line SEO, low or no conversions, no metrics or tracking, no traffic to speak of, and a message that was blunted by SEC requirements.

The challenge was hit head-on with a conference call from Denver to sunny California, and within weeks, Neal's new site was on-message, driving more traffic, and converting for the first time in history.

As a portion of a large new campaign on national radio and print, the web site redesign was instrumental in assisting Neal and the Wealth Resources Group staff in impressing potential clients with a site and design as professional as Neal's asset management services.

Wealth Resources Group Before Wealth Resources Group After

Expert Laser Clinic

When Doctor Jonathan Lee first met the Chiron Group, his professional clinic had a TemplateMonster web site design, a $60 pre-fab sort of site allowing for limited SEO and even less design modifications. It was no longer functioning in Firefox versions 2.x and higher, and basics such as the business logo were impossible to add... and that Flash music. That had to go.

After several hours of communication and an on-site visit, TCG determined that a full custom site would be well worth the investment, as would large galleries showing real patient before and after galleries, given the cosmetic nature of the business and Dr. Lee's prominence in the Denver scene for such procedures.

A stronger "call to action" with SEO fundamentals and careful design and coding left a far superior site to gain more traffic that made contact more frequently. Not unlike his own patients, Dr. Lee now had a "before and after" of his own...

Expert Laser Clinic Before Expert Laser Clinic After

The Chile Information Project

Steve Anderson hails from Chile by way of Arkansas, and how The Chiron Group and CHIP got together has been forgotten on all sides, given the six years we've worked together increasing CHIP's web presence.

The story of CHIP is one of survival, plain and simple. Steve has managed to keep an independent newspaper, in Chile, in English, live and online for thirteen years. For you kiddies out there, that goes back to the gopher age before the first "real" web browser hit shelves.

While such longevity is a testament to Steve's vision, his network of web sites was dated long before the dot-com bubble burst. While the rest of the world stressed over Y2K, Steve had other concerns. He called on the Chiron Group to take a dozen domains, thousands of HTML pages, and see what could be lifted from the ashes.

Quite a bit, it seems. Beginning with a completely custom newspaper engine, familiar as the Santiago Times to its million-plus visitors, TCG began a journey that continues into the present day. Ever seeking more hits, a broader audience, and stronger brand identity, Steve's pages on human rights, the status of the Chilean environment, information for expatriates and tourists, and a massive travel section tailored for business and pleasure have been built and rebuilt as time moves on. A blog is in the works as we speak.

With double-digit growth year after year, CHIP is continually planning for tomorrow. That Steve has placed CHIP's future with The Chiron Group is an honor we've happily accepted.

Comfort Keyboard Systems (CKS)

When we first approached Charles, owner of CKS, he was still feeling the sting of a New York Times review that applauded his ergonomic keyboards... but savaged his FrontPage-based (WYSIWYG) corporate web site.

In a flash - well, but not using Flash - The Chiron Group worked with Charles and his team to fabricate a brand identity, photograph and stylize his product line and overall corporate image, and of course, TCG prepared a results-oriented page design that helped optimize the site for maximum, targeted traffic.

As an OEM with a distributor supply chain, Charles was more interested in quality than quantity, which required the utilization of a specific set of key words and phrases to grab just the right top results positions. Which is to say, if you make a great lure but hook all the wrong fish... well, that's hardly great web design, is it?

With constant vigilance of hit tracking systems, within a couple of months Charles was getting fewer end-customer inquiries and a lot more dealer-distributor calls. Better still, Charles and CKS are now a short-list nominee for Site of the Year, a top award open to any web site - any size, any budget, any design firm... and CKS is one of twelve standing.

So Charles is feeling better about his site, his products, and the future of CKS. But what about the New York Times? We at TCG were curious. At our invitation the Times reporter, who once expressed complete dismay at the CKS site, said only... "WOWW!!!! That is SOOOOOOO much better! That's a before & after story if i ever saw one!!!"

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