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Early efforts to upgrade our web site resulted in months of delays, big bills, and nothing we could post online better than what we’d already had – and what we had was nothing to shout about.

A professional contact from a widely-respected design firm recommended the Chiron Group. After a free and friendly consultation with the owner, we knew we’d found what we needed.

TCG was less interested in signed contracts than they were in discussing a broad range of topics: SEO, SEM, design, commerce, margins, sales projections, baselines, and online / offline marketing strategy. As applicable to Simply Boulder. Our goals were TCG’s goals; how refreshing!

With the holiday buying season looming, our timeline was tight and inflexible. Honestly, our hope of hitting deadline was low to none.

And then the updates began pouring in – 9am, 4pm, 10pm, 4am – if TCG sleeps, you wouldn’t know it. They accomplished more in the first week than we’d seen in months. At our three-week deadline, our web site – with an optimized new design, SEO, store locator, SSL certificates, a highly-modified ecommerce engine, and company blog – went live on time, on budget, and precisely within our specifications.

What else is there to say than that? We’re thrilled. Simply Boulder welcomes any prospect considering Chiron Group services to call or email us for a detailed client reference.

SETH MENDELSOHN - Owner - Simply Boulder Sauce Talk

"In a frantic, virtual world of promises easily made and more easily broken, The Chiron Group has provided CHIP and The Santiago Times with superior service and custom web-based products for the better part of a decade.

"In our years of working with The Chiron Group, my company network has seen double-digit growth year over year, the greater part of which is directly attributable to TCG's constant maintenance and search optimization strategies, web marketing drives, business vertical consultation, sales conversion management, timely competitive analysis surveys, and advanced advertising tool kits.

"True professionals, reliable both as individuals and a business entity, The Chiron Group evolves so quickly that my company doesn't just react to market trends - we create them."

STEVE ANDERSON - Owner - The Santiago Times / Chile Information Project

"The TDM marketing network has been working with The Chiron Group for several years, and we've found their services, response times, web design, and web business marketing strategies to be incredibly responsive, up-to-date, and right on target. Over time, TDM Marketing has learned to appreciate the "longer" timelines and estimates, because while others can promise the moon, The Chiron Group makes optimistic, realistic projections... and then delivers them.

"Sophistication and function combine in TCG's demonstration and live product builds - and now that our relationship is well-established, our experience of the "simplicity made elegant" TCG philosophy is often waiting in our inbox: mission accomplished, and literally overnight.

"I am always impressed by The Chiron Group's business, technical, and design creativity, as well as their consultative approach to helping clients achieve corporate objectives in the short and long term."

TODD COLLINS - Co-Founder and CEO, TDM Marketing

"Before we met with The Chiron Group, my knowledge of web sites and web marketing was quite limited. Worse, I was confused by the bits and pieces of out-of-context information that the Trusted Consulting Group had received from other web site design firms.

"The Chiron Group was able to present a comprehensive web business strategy, fill in our knowledge gaps in plain English, and highlight or correct our assumptions on web design. We went from think we "need a site" to discovering what we really expected from our web site in business terms - and The Chiron Group was able to transform goals to achievements.

"As an IT consulting firm in Denver, Trusted Consulting needed a design firm that could handle web coding and keyword branding, but more importantly, we wanted a design that matched our corporate personality. The Chiron Group was able to ask the relevant questions to create a design that is both eye-catching and effective, matches our identity, and has grown our sales prospects.

"While the rebuild of Trusted Consulting Group's web site was delivered on time and on budget, it is the continuing maintenance and support that has been truly exceptional - thanks to TCG, we regularly receive updates and articles on search engines, web marketing information, and summarizes trend shifts that I don't have time or energy to find or distill on my own. Their policy of developing web sites and informed clients has helped me make better decisions for my company's web strategy as time goes on.

"Through their complete understanding of search engine optimization, traffic to our site has increased by 50% in the first month of post-optimization site operations. Given we've not even begun Pay-Per-Click [PPC] campaigns or viral marketing, paid inclusion, and so on, the Trusted Consulting Group is confident we'll see further success in the coming months. Best of all, my company is able to concentrate on what we do best... and leave our web site in the hands of a trusted third party!"

HEATHER J. McENTEE - Marketing Director, Trusted Consulting Group, Inc.

"I was introduced to the Chiron Group in 1999 while looking for an effective, affordable Computer Based Training (CBT) solution.

"The product that TCG delivered was far and above what was expected, and I have since hired their services on multiple occasions; not only does TCG offer strong products, but they provide keen insight on design elements that have made tools delivering huge ROI.

"The Chiron Group team has demonstrated great customer service, and their attention to detail is unparalleled. Through multiple companies and in multiple countries, The Chiron Group has been an integral part of my strategic development and customer retention strategy."

BRIAN MULLANEY - Senior Director of Client Operations - Companies Worldwide.

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